Monday, March 24, 2008

The Millionaire League is AWSOME!

Guys , I just found this site a few days ago... I spent a couple of days researching it,and it gets my highest rating... Just go check it out... The millionaire League ... Any questions contact me 239-810-8173

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Affiliate marketing courses & MLM programs

Hello my fellow entrepreneurs in the last month or so I have started using many of the technique's discribed in the course's you'll find when you scroll down below...I can say without a dou't they all work very well... I will be checking into a few other programs soon,and will reveiw them here, so please remember to add this site to your favorites.... Seriously the programs below are the cream of the crop... If you have any questions regarding anything please call me or e-mail me... thank you my friends... greg H... PS... here's my new blog called

If you don't like to read and just want see my (4) best marketing course's so you can start today go here


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hi folk's, I have some great things to tell you today that should get you motivated...Yesterday I decided to take action and ordered myself a nice little camcorder to help me get the technique's I learned in the Average Joe's Income Package into action! Yes as I always say nothing can happen until action is taken...The bad part is the camera will take a week or so to get here, but that's okay,as I have many other things I can put into motion in the mean time...

Although Kris McCarty's Average Joe's Income Package is awesome in it self i did order another course a day or so later,because it sounded so enticing... This course cost $67.00 and also comes with a full money back guarantee... There's no video's,but two excellent well written easy to understand e-books, it's called "Web Business Secrets" . What makes this course so incredible is it shows you how to get your Google ads for FREE ..Yes that's right so I went through the course in a few hour's to really absorb all of it's delicious content.. Once I decide on exactly how I want my business plan to go I will most definitely benefit big time from Web Business Secrets which does truly indeed allow you to get Free google advertising just as it claims...

You are probably thinking do I need to buy this web business secrets information? absolutely not,but I did because I want to have a full arsenal of information so i can make the most of my efforts and make money in a faster way..But again if you just buy Kris McCarty's average Joe's income package you will be heavily armed and ready to make serious money online. So guy's take action asap so you can start getting excited... I myself am excited and I still haven't even really started... But I truly believe the next three or four months is going to be one exciting ride for me...

There is another course I have come across and one of my mentor's also told me about . He claimed he made $1000 using it his first week,and his 15 year old cousin made over $300 his first week... He said it cost a little more than average Joe course, but also is more of a turn key system which has everything laid out for you in a very systematic order...I myself am most likely going to order it also as i read over the site this morning... The system is called "Profit Lance" and it also comes with a 58 day guarantee... If I would have learned about it before average Joe's system judging from all the positive feed back about it buzzing around... i most likely would have purchased it first.. It sounds like a great course that really tells you how to get the ball rolling fast.. Go see for yourselves Click here for profit lance information ..Okay my friends you have all the resources you will ever need right here all with a full money back guarantee...which to me is a no risk venture you should take full advantage of...If anyone wants to ask me any question's feel free to call 239-810-8173 Have an AWESOME DAY GUY'S!! Start Learning asap... greg.....

Monday, January 28, 2008


Hi guys, what i want to talk about briefly is about focus and how important it seems everyday while working on my PC I get distracted by other ads claiming to be better easier faster etc... Guys You must work the good system sitting in front of you. Don't let all the crazy things we all get hit with get you off track..We all know about this and we all do it,but to be successful focus and hard work are the two most important things...So guys whether you order the Average Joe's Money Making Package I talked about in yesterdays post, or another program and you believe it's good stuff...Don't just stare at it, apply its principles...Good luck greg

Saturday, January 26, 2008

''Average Joe's Money Making System''

Hi folk's, thanks for stopping by.Today i want to go over some important things regarding getting started online... First and most importantly when you order a coarse such as the AVERAGE JOE'S MAKING MONEY SYSTEM by Kris McCarty you need to take it one section at a time and go over things a few times if need be...I most certainly am one of these people as I have aways had a hard time learning new things...There's nothing to be ashamed of if you don't get it right away...

I remember when i got a job with my big brother Dan ..I was paid 10 bucks and hour to run a back hoe..i never ran a back hoe...I was nervous i would look like a jackass or even worse kill somebody. anyway after a few days of playing in the dirt i finally got the feel for it... Even though I was know expert, because I did not stick with it long enough I still got good enough after a couple of weeks to make my brother some descent money...

That's just how the AVERAGE JOE'S MAKING MONEY SYSTEM get it, read it over watch the video's and rinse & repeat as many times as necessary...Then one morning you will wake up and realise like i did how valuable and life changing this information is...Then one day like me you will get on your PC and start putting what you have learned to good use... some people will put the free system to use which works awesome but takes a couple of months before you start generating 2000-4000 plus a month...

Some people use a low risk quick system(but money is needed,but is low risk high payout) I myself am just using the free ways for now from Kris McCarty's Average Joe Income Package..In a month or so when i am making over a thousand a week I will really get the ball rolling by using the other methods that cost,but money comes back 2 to 10 times depending on how good you use what you have learned either way this program is the best and i highly recommend you guys and gals order it today it comes with a full money back guarantee..I promise you will love this stuff,and for those of you who feel it's to hard to understand(which it isn't once you read it over a couple of times like I did) get your friends or 15 or 40 year old kid to help you... Go read all about it now AVERAGE JOE'S MAKING MONEY SYSTEM .If you have any questions please call 239-810-8173... Have a great day... tomorrow I'm taking my favorite girl out to the lake(my miss vegas nitro rc boat)...cheers greg

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Truth About Making Money With Your PC

Hi Guys & Gals, Okay, so you want to know the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth about making money online using your personal computer. I got the secret, or can i say there's really know secret at all.
Making money online is not much more different than making money in the real world. First you find something you like to do,second you see if it pays enough and thirdly you focus and study and train for that particular job. The main difference i guess is many people don't think as making money online as real job.They think it some secret magic trick that only a few lucky people can figure out how to do.They think it takes special computer skills and learning to use complicated software. They think know one is out there with a real system that they are willing to share...
Although a lot of the above statements can be true,they really aren't if you take your time and do your research. See making money online is a real job that takes real work. Yes there are some tricks of the trade like with any thing, but none of them are really secrets, you just have to know where to look to find the answers.
As far as special skills needed and learning software in some cases this is necessary, but all jobs that are worth having take some learning. The main thing is if you have the desire to succeed and you have average or is some cases less than average learning ability (me for instance) you can and will make money online providing you can and are willing to learn basic computer skills.
I myself have very little PC skills. But i do know there are people with experience in all the weak areas i have that are willing and available to help. You just have to ask. I ordered the Average Joe income package a week or so ago and it is packed full of marketing information. I believe this money making system has all you will ever need to make a living, a very great living i must say.
It cost me $47.00 that's it! It comes with a !00% money back guarantee. Great videos that kris mc carty does him self. this guy is a down to earth straight shooter who stands behind his product. I am not trying to make you think this average Joe system is the only program out there, because its not. There are many money making packages available, I have ordered quite a few. What i am saying for a person to want to start and excel online making money using one of the best ways possible kris mc carty s Average Joe system is the one for you.
It covers it all. I haven't even used 2% of his system yet and i have already gotten results. So the truth about making money online is simple find someone that has a system that is truly state of the art and up to date and buy it and apply it...Everything that is worth anything takes work, but once you do the work and see the results nothing can be more gratifying... PS again i did not use spell checker please don't hold it against and please go to this awesome Average Joe package website.. Average Joe income package click here
Thanks guy's for listening to me and good luck... and for you people like me that have a harder time learning new skills... Just relax and take it one day at a time each day you get better and regards Greg h... feel free to call me on my cell 239-810-8173

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The internet is just starting

Hi guys, If you are thinking ''Oh boy i really missed the boat''or ''it's just to late for me''... Do'nt be ridiculas the internet is getting bigger and bigger every second it's huge now,but 3,5 or 10 years from now it will be unbelieveable...It's time you started learning and stopped wondering...Regardless of your age race or where you live as long as you have access to a PC and an internet connection you can start building an automated money making machine...

The average Joe income package... does truly give you all the confidence you need to make it online and make it in as big a way as you want..i personally talked to a number of people online that used it and in first month only spending 4-5 hours a day were able to make over $2000..some people i talked to made over $6000 per month after 3 or 5 months..

After 5 Min's of getting it you will know it is everything i say it is and more... I will be updating and telling you about this other system i just went through that is another way,but not better just something cool and different..

Have a great day my friends... Click here for average Joe package PS..From all the research i have done and continue to do in my quest to find the best money making program if you guy's follow my lead i promise you will all succeed... But one very simple rule everyone needs to follow to succeed, is focus on one way at a time and don't let all the information in these programs overwhelm you... Be consistent and stay focused and use your spell checker like i need to start doing.. ;) call me 239-8108173 or e-mail me if you need any assistance...greg